AFL Europe, one step closer

Since 2006 there has been a rumor going on about an AFL league in Europe. A few weeks ago the rumors got stronger and through a trustworthy source we heard that the AFL is thinking about 4 exhibition games in Europe in 2008 and the start of a European league in 2009.

Word has come to us and has been confirmed by various sources that the AFL wants to start a European adventure possibly in 2009 (unconfirmed). Word also has it that AFL commisionair Baker is talking to NFL commisionair Goodell about the rights of all former NFL Europe teams. This would be good for a AFL adventure in Europe, no need to develop new names and logo's, name recognition and fan base. This would also mean the return of the Barcelona Dragons, London Monarchs and Scotisch Claymores.

If the teams will remain in the former NFL Europe cities is uncertain. The AFL is looking for stadiums with at least 10.000 capacity, this could be a problem for Amsterdam (for one). The planned new indoor stadium will hold enough fans but will it be ready in 2009, we think not.

But before we can look for stadiums it would be nice to have this rumor confirmed via official AFL/NFL channels. So for now we wait and see.



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