Admirals not able to beat Fire at home

Admirals not able to beat Fire at home

The Admirals faced there second loss in a row in their first home-game against the Rhein Fire. The team from Dusseldorf wasn’t that strong either but the Admirals were not able to turn the tide after the loss in Frankfurt. With a 10-16 score the Fire fans went home with happy faces.

Like the first game in Frankfurt the admirals where able to make a strong start. The kick-returner from Fire, Michael Franklin, fumbled the ball and the Admirals took the first offensive drive. That drive ended in a touchdown made by runningback Jonathan Smith.
Fire fought back. With some nice passes from Fire quarterback Cody Pickett the Fire was able to get into scoring position. Sadly a field goal was the most they could get out of this drive.

One of the most valuable players for the team from Amsterdam was again Noriaki Kinoshita. With a 38 yard kickoff return, the Japanese receiver fought bravely. It was disappointing that the drive ended up in missed fieldgoal. Fire took over and at the beginning of the second quarter Fire kicker Connor Hughes managed to score another fieldgoal. So with a lead of only one point in favor of the Admirals the teams entered the half time break with a score of 7-6.

The second half was a bit of a rerun of the game in Frankfurt.. Fire was playing stronger and Admirals quarterback Drew Olsen couldn’t get his passes right. It looked like offensive line of the Admirals count handle the pressure form Fire so Olsen had to handle some blitzes and a couple of sacks. The Fire took the lead in the beginning of the second half with a touchdown. Quarterback Pickett brought the fire to the 1 yard line and Taurean Henderson finished the drive with a small run.

The only answer the Admirals could give was a 29 yard fieldgoal from kicker Johnsen which the fire replicated in the beginning of the 4th quarter. With only 2 minutes on the clock and a score of 10-16 the Admirals started there last drive hoping to score a touchdown. But in the 4th down Noriaki Kinoshita was some inches short and the game was done.

The Admirals showed some improvements on the defense but the team still needs a lot of work. According to Admirals headcoach Bart Andrus the Admirals didn’t had any playmakers. Rhein Fire got back on track by winning this one after their lost against the Berlin Thunder.

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