Admirals payback the Galaxy

Admirals payback the Galaxy

In the second home game of the season the Amsterdam Admirals played against the Frankfurt Galaxy. Galaxy, undefeated and World Bowl champion, defeated the Admirals in their first game in Frankfurt.

With a great start of the Admirals and a running game that finally worked out the Admirals where dominating the first half. The second half the Galaxy offense was more affective, but the Admirals defense managed to keep it exiting untill the end and kept a 2 point lead. With a 19-17 score the Admirals won their second game in a row.

As usual the Admirals started quite good. Jonathan Smith was able to end the first drive into a touchdown. But as we seen in the first two games, it doesn’t guarantee a win. In the beginning of the second quarter Olsen did it again. With a rush by himself for 11 yards and a 13 yard pass to Harry Williams he could add another 6 points to the board. Kicker Jaret Johnson wasn’t able to make the PAT so the score was 13-0.

But that wasn’t all. After a very short drive from Frankfurt the Admirals took over again. With a good running game from Jonathan Smith and nice pass to Skyler Fulton for 28 yards, the admirals scored another 6 point. Skyler Fulton managed to get the all time receiving yards records in this game. Again the PAT went wrong. This time it was aborted because the snap wasn't good. With a 19-0 lead both teams went into the lockerrooms.

In the second half Galaxy took the initiative. They didn’t have any points on the board yet so they had to take some risks. With 4th and 4 the galaxy decided to go for it but it didn’t work out. Luckily Galaxy took over soon because the Admirals didn’t manage to set up a successful drive.
With a long pass to Huggins for 24 yards, O’ Sullivan got the ball on the 1 yard line and rushed it in himself. Galaxy’s kicker stayed cool and made the PAT.

Not much longer O’Sullivan did it again. With a long pass to Pertowski for 30 yards, Frankfurt scored another touchdown. Now the Galaxy were only 5 points behind and the Orange Army went crazy and tried to make so much noise that Galaxy would lose his focus. Luckily the Admirals defense was playing very strong and forced a fumble halfway in the 4th quarter. Galaxy intercepted the next pass and tried again. This time it turned into a field goal.

With only 2 point ahead (19-17) the Admirals were trying to run out the clock. Finaly the drive ended with a punt from Glenn Pakulak but the returner from Galaxy touched the ball and dropped it. The fumble was recovered by Amsterdam so Drew Olsen could kneel out the game with a small 2 point lead.

A very small win for the Admirals. For the first time the scored more than 14 points in a game. The running game and de defense were playing well but the offense must try not to fall back in the second half. Next game will be in Hamburg against the Sea Devils. Hopefully the Admirals can maintain their winning streak. 

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