No Orange WorldBowl

No Orange WorldBowl

Today Rhein Fire welcomed the Amsterdam Admirals to the LTU Arena. This second meeting has to be won by the Admirals if they wanted to be in the race for a WorldBowl spot. It was an exciting game with lots of scores: 5 field goal, 8 touchdowns, 7 PAT's and one two point conversion for a total of 79 points.

While deviding the points the Admirals got the shor straw and lost to Fire for the second time this year. Star of this game was Runningback Franklin fro Rhein Fire. The Admirals coudn't get a grip on the runninggame.Final score, 41-38 Fire which was a lot more exciting than the 10-16 game in Amsterdam.
With this score the Admirals are now in 5th position with a 3-5 result. To avoid a losing season they have to win the last to games. The Admirals can forget about playing in Wolrdbowl XV.

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