Record win for Admirals over Sea Devils

Record win for Admirals over Sea Devils

The Amsterdam Admirals defeated the 3-2 Sea Devils at home 41-31 in the highest scoring match of the league this season. The rematch between the Admirals and the Sea Devils was nothing like the game last week. Starting Admirals quarterback Drew Olsen, who left the game injured last week, was playing again and even scored a rushing touchdown. Admirals runningback Johnathan Smith scored 4 touchdowns which is league record tie.

The Sea Devils fought bravely but with this 10 point differece win the Admirals defeat the Sea Devils in the standings. The Admirals are first to score more then 40 points in one game this season.

The first quarter was dominated by penalties. Because of some silly mistakes, two false starts in a row and delay of game, the Admirals were not able to score until the end of the first quarter. Drew Olsen gave a short pass to Runningback Jonathan Smith who rushed 34 yards into the endzone.

The second quarter started the way the first quarter ended. Because of great defensive work from for example linebacker Greg Carothers, who made is comeback after a broken jaw, and Dutch National Akwasi Mensah, the Admirals made it impossible for quarterback Casey Bramlet to make good forward progression.
With the help of runningback Larry Croom, Drew Olsen was able to get the ball on Hamburgs 15. Again runningback Jonathan Smith finished the drive with a touchdown. The PAT wasn't good so the score stayed at 13-0.

Because of an interception by Admirals Cornerback Abraham Elimimian the Admirals took over the offense and again again scored a touchdown. This time French National Tight End Yoan Schnee was the one who caught it in the endzone. But the Sea Devils tried to came back and with a questionable defensive pass interference by Admirals Cornerback Robert Durham, Hamburg came in scoring position. Casey Bramlet effectively passed the ball to Jenkens for a touchdown.

The Admirals immediately took over and finally Drew Olsen himself rushed the ball in for a touchdown. The only answer Hamburg could give was a fieldgoal for a 34-17 score.

The second half Runningback Jonathan Smith wanted more with a nice 44 yard run and a defensive pass interference call on hamburg, he finished the drive with his 3th touchdown of the game.
Casey Bramlet did his best to put some points on the board and he did that with 2 touchdown passes to Washburn and Maxwell.

At the end of the 4th quarter the Sea Devils had to do something. With a 34-24 and 4th and 6, the Sea Devils went for the first down but failed. The Admirals took over and Jonathan Smith rushed the ball right away into the endzone for his 4th touchdown. Hamburg scored again with a touchdown on Maxwell but it wasn't enough for the win.
With a 41-31 victory over the Sea Devils both teams are now at 3-3 but Admirals won with more then 7 points so they have an advantage over the Sea Devils.

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